Grupo Nacimiento

Business lines: Infrastructure

The company's main activity is the study and sustainable construction of public infrastructure and buildings. This is historically the business group's strongest area and represents more than 50% of its total turnover.


For more than 20 years it has been involved in projects that have enabled Spain's economic and social development, demonstrating its experience and technical expertise in each of them. It has carried out projects in both Andalusia and Spain as a whole.


It is currently in the middle of major international expansion, extending its presence to countries such as Romania, Qatar, Morocco and Peru. It has been developing projects with maximum quality and guarantee, covering roads, high-speed railway lines, port and airport facilities, major hydraulic engineering, sports, supply infrastructure, treatment, desalination and singular building works.

It is company adept at carrying out any type of project, rigorously meeting deadlines and adapting to the specific conditions of each infrastructure and location.