Grupo Nacimiento

CSR: Our commitments


Occupational risk prevention is a key objective for NACIMIENTO, not just for its employees but for everyone involved in the company's projects. That is why it is included in its corporate policy creating a culture of health and safety at work, which is one of its cornerstones for promoting sustainable development.


For example, it was one of the first companies in Spain to have a work health and safety certificate according to the Bureau Veritas BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.


The continuous effort of everyone in this department is helping to reduce accident rates each year, maintaining highly competitive levels that confirm the system's good working and a high degree of company awareness.


Every year the health and safety department conducts "zero accidents" campaigns throughout the company's work centres so that prevention culture forms part of the modus operandi in all processes, securing the workforce's maximum commitment to achieving general internal prevention policy goals.


In addition, there is an investigation in the health and safety department into all accidents that occur with providers and suppliers to help update, develop and maintain the systems implemented.




To achieve those goals, the joint prevention service focuses particularly on the following preventive aspects:

  • Effective integration of preventive activity in the company.
  • Preparation of preventive action plans and programmes.
  • Periodic risk evaluation and subsequent preventive planning.
  • Adoption of suitable preventive measures and monitoring of their effectiveness.
  • Provision of training and information to workers and their participation in Health and Safety.
  • Monitoring of workers' health.